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What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting gives New Yorkers the power to decide how to spend tax dollars in our neighborhoods.

How does it work?

1. You and your neighbors come up with ideas for projects that will help our schools, libraries, parks, streets, and other shared spaces.
2. We work together to research the feasibility and need for each project, and finalize a list of projects to put on the ballot.
3. We hold a public vote on the ideas, and the projects with the most votes win until we spend $1 million.


Any resident of Council District 3 age 11 or older (or in 6th grade) can vote in PBNYC – even if you are not a registered voter.

You can find out if you live in the district (or another one that participates in PBNYC) by typing in your address here.

In Council Member Johnson’s District:

You have the opportunity to allocate up to $1 million toward capital projects.

You can find more information about the winning projects below.

PB Project Tracker


2017 District 3 Winners

A New Park for Hell’s Kitchen

10th Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets
1,405 votes

Funds will go towards transforming an empty city-owned lot into a new public park for the people of Hell’s Kitchen.

Real Time Rider Information At Bus Stops

District Wide
1,358 votes

Electronic boards to display real time bus arrival information at five key bus stops throughout Council District 3.

Air Conditioning for the Library at P.S. 111

440 West 53rd Street
1,323 votes

Project will provide air conditioning for the library, which is used as a summer school site for students.

Grounds Renovations at Elliott-Chelsea Houses

NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea Houses
1,295 votes

2016 District 3 Winners

1) New Trees for Council District 3

This project will fund new trees and new tree guards on blocks with few or no trees throughout District 3. The locations will be determined in conjunction with our block associations and community boards.

Votes: 1,083
Cost: $100,000

2) New HVAC System at the Muhlenberg Library 

This project will replace the library’s HVAC cooling unit to ensure that the branch can continue to serve as a cool space in the summer months, which includes serving as an official NYC Cool Center.

Votes: 858
Amount allocated: $500,000

3) New Audio / Visual Equipment for P.S. 11 

A new audio / visual system in the auditorium of P.S. 11. The school needs a working A/V system to fulfill its curriculum requirements for students.

Votes: 813
Amount allocated: $75,000

4) Real Time Rider Information At Bus Stops

These electronic Boards will display real time bus arrival information at five key bus stops, offering convenience for riders. The proposed locations will be determined in conjunction with the community and the Department of Transportation.

Votes: 790
Amount allocated: $100,000

5) A New Library for City Knoll Public Middle School

This project will provide technological and construction updates to create a library space at City Knoll School, which is located at 425 West 33rd Street. This project will help engage students and prepare them for the skills needed in the 21st Century.

Votes: 686
Amount allocated: $300,000

2015 District 3 Winners

1) New Park for the Community

Votes: 1,342
Cost: $200,000

D3: New Park for the Community from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

2) Revitalization of Chelsea Waterside Park

Votes: 758
Cost: $85,000

D3: Revitalization of Chelsea Waterside Park from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

3) Renovations for Jefferson Library Market $500,000

Votes: 648
Cost: $500,000

D3: Jefferson Library from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

4) Bathroom Renovations at Lab School

Votes: 594
Cost: $560,000

D3: Bathroom Renovations at Lab School from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

3) Sidewalk Repair/Replacement

Votes: 578
Cost: $50,000

D3: Sidewalk Repair/Replacement from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

4) P.S.3 Library Renovations

Votes: 533
Cost: $35,000

D3: Bathroom Renovations for P.S. 3 + P.S. 3 Library Renovations from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

5) Pedestrian Safety: Raised Crosswalks

Votes: 532
Cost: $250,000

D3: Pedestrian Safety: Raised Crosswalks from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

What happens when?

Neighborhood Assemblies: September – October 2017

At public meetings in each district, community members learn about PB and discuss their community’s needs. They then brainstorm project ideas and select budget delegates.

Delegate Orientations: November 2017

Volunteer budget delegates learn about the budget process, project development, and key spending areas, then form committees.

Delegate Meetings: November 2017 – February 2018

Delegates meet in committees to transform the community’s initial project ideas into full proposals, with support from Council Member staff and other experts.

Project Expo: March 2018

Delegates present draft project proposals to the community and get feedback, with which they revise the projects.

Community Vote: April 7 – 15 2018

Residents vote on which projects to fund at voting sites throughout the district.

Implementation & Monitoring: June 2018 onwards

The Council Members submit their spending priorities to the City Council’s Finance Division, including the winning PB projects, for inclusion in the City budget. Community members evaluate the process, and oversee the implementation of projects.

Research and Evaluation happens throughout these stages, to improve the process for next year.


Please contact Matt Green in Council Member Corey Johnson’s office at mgreen@council.nyc.gov or at 212-564-7757