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NY Daily News: Mayor de Blasio’s budget boosts after school, summer youth programs and infrastructure, says pol

May 8, 2014


Mayor de Blasio’s about-to-be-unveiled budget will include significant expansion to after school programs, more than double the number of summer youth programs, and a huge plans for infrastructure improvements, according to a City Councilman briefed on the financial plan.

The number of slots in summer programs for city kids will jump from 17,000 to 33,000 under de Blasio’s plan, which will be unveiled later today, City Council-member Corey Johnson (D-Manhattan) told reporters after his briefing on the plan.

De Blasio had hoped that a tax on New Yorkers making over $500,000 a year would help fund the expansion of after school programs for middle school kids, but it was not approved in Albany. But he is going ahead with the expansion, and will fund it through the city, Johnson said.

“The state didn’t come up with the money, but they [city officials] invested a lot more [in middle schools programs],” Johnson said.

De Blasio also plans to use a big chunk of the city revenues towards infrastructure improvements, like bridge repairs and other capital works, Johnson said.

“There was a big conversation about capital improvements,” he said.

And there’s a “huge amount” set aside for de Blasio’s Vision Zero proposal, which aims to lower traffic fatalities.

The mayor is also more confident forecasting future spending plans, now that the United Federation of Teacher’s contract has been settled, said Johnson.

“They feel like the pattern bargaining gives them a greater sense for forecasting,” said Johnson.

De Blasio is set to unveil his executive budget at 1:30 pm, his first since taking office.

It also happens to he his 53rd birthday. A source said that a round of “Happy Birthday” was heard at one of this morning’s budget briefings in the west wing of City Hall.